Lindsey* had an abortion a few years ago. According to recent reports**, 60% of women who have abortions are in their 20’s, and half the women getting  abortions have already had one. Because of the negative experience she had at Planned Parenthood, she did not want to have another abortion, but when she found out she might be pregnant again she did not know where else to go. When Lindsey told her boyfriend she thought she was pregnant, he left her. Without his support, Lindsey felt alone.  She asked her coworker to call Planned Parenthood for her to see what assistance they offered. Instead of offering a safe place for Lindsey to discuss her pregnancy options, and find help if she wanted to carry her child, the person on the line only tried to schedule an appointment for an abortion. Lindsey needed to find someone who gave more  options, so she and her coworker began looking for another place that could help.


Her coworker found our phone number online and gave the information to Lindsey. Lindsey booked an appointment with us and came in for a pregnancy test. She listened attentively to the gospel as it was shared with her and was interested in all of the services offered at the Center for Pregnancy. Lindsey left the Center for Pregnancy, feeling like she was not alone and that she could be a mom.

A month later we were able to schedule an ultrasound for her with one of our volunteer nurses. When Lindsey walked back for her ultrasound, she was giddy with excitement, saying, “I’ve been looking forward to this for so long!” As the nurse moved the transducer across Lindsey’s pregnant belly, she was able to capture several beautiful images of the 10-week-old baby. As she watched the ultrasound, Lindsey exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! There’s a baby in there!” She listened carefully as the nurse explained her baby’s development. When her ultrasound was finished, Lindsey left the Center grinning from ear to ear. Before leaving, Lindsey thanked us and told us how happy she was to be able to see her little one.

Each one of you are a part of Lindsey’s story. Because of your prayers and support, we were blessed to be here when Lindsey needed us. We are grateful to be able to share Christ’s love to her as she moves forward in her  journey as a mother.


*Name changed to protect client’s confidentiality