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Bob Wirt

Bob and Alice Wirt were longtime friends and supporters of the the Center for Pregnancy. Alice volunteered at the Center for over a decade as a client advocate until her health prohibited her. Her passion for the ministry brought her husband Bob to participate in our annual fundraiser. Bob was an integral part of the golf marathon since the very beginning. Starting from the first marathon in 2000, Bob faithfully spread the word about the ministry, raising nearly half a million dollars in the process. Without Bob, we would not have had a golf marathon most years! Because of his dedication and hard work, the Center for Pregnancy has been able to serve thousands of women and their families. Even after Alice went to be with the Lord, Bob continued to get others involved with the Center for Pregnancy, and to raise funds for the golf marathon, until he passed away in 2020.

We continue to miss Bob and Alice, but know we will see them again in Eternity! We pray that our marathon will honor their memory and carry on their legacy of love for life and for the community.

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