You can help a mother choose life for her baby today!

The recent Heartbeat Bill in Texas has the potential to save many unborn lives. But what it doesn’t do is give hope to a young woman or take away the difficulties she faces in continuing her pregnancy.

Saving an unborn baby starts with meeting their mother’s needs.

When Serena came in for a pregnancy test, her boyfriend, Dave, wanted her to abort. She told us she would do it to save their relationship, but then said that

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she would probably resent him for the abortion and wasn’t sure if she could stay with him afterwards, if he didn’t even want her baby! Because of your support, Serena had her free ultrasound with us, and saw her unborn child. She realized that, with or without her boyfriend, she could be a good mom.            

Pro-life donors provided parenting classes for Serena and Dave, so that when they decided to parent together, they knew better how to raise a child. Their generosity gave diapers, wipes, and baby clothes, so they had everything they needed when their daughter, Kylee, was born.


In 1993, pro-life people like you joined together to start the first pregnancy center in Galveston County, so that women like Serena could get help when they need it. But Serena is just one of many women who have felt pressured to abort! There are women right now, deciding whether to get an abortion, looking online for a place to get a pregnancy test, or find someone to talk to about their situation. Men are searching for a place to take their girlfriend to see if she’s pregnant. You can reach these desperate parents by making a donation today. Your partnership enables trained client advocates to meet women with compassion and a listening ear. Your support provides the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the resources she needs to thrive as a parent or make an adoption plan for her child.

Use the secure donate button below to make your gift today to empower women to choose life for their unborn children and find abundant life in Christ!