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healing. hope.
forgiven and set free

No matter what drives a woman to end a pregnancy, there are often physical, psychological, and spiritual side effects most don't anticipate. Feelings of guilt, shame, and grief become a heavy burden, and many women feel that they will never be free, that no one understands, that God will never forgive them.* 

But there is hope.

Join us as we walk through Forgiven and Set Free, a 12-week Bible study that deals with the emotions and memories of an abortion, and helps women walk in forgiveness and freedom. Forgiven and Set Free was developed out of Linda Cochrane's experience of being freed from the bondage of guilt and grief that followed her own abortion. For every woman yearning for the peace of God's forgiveness, this study can be the first step to healing and wholeness.

The study will be held in the evenings at The Center for Pregnancy in Friendswood. To learn more, click  here  to fill out a contact form, and someone will reach out you as soon as possible, or text 281-947-2925 and ask for Jonelle. 

*Excerpts from Forgiven and Set Free study, used by permission. 

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