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Golfing for life!

In 2020, 15,354 abortions were performed on women from Brazoria, Galveston, and Harris Counties. These are our neighbors, our coworkers, even our fellow church members. ​That's 15,354 unborn lives lost. That's over 30,000 parents who felt like abortion was their only option. During that same time period, 54% of all abortions performed in the United States were chemical abortions, 

Located in Galveston County, and serving many clients from Brazoria and Harris Counties, the Center for Pregnancy has shared Christ's love, compassion, and hope with women and their families who are facing challenging pregnancy circumstances since 1993.

The Wirt Golf Marathon is the Center's largest fundraiser of the year. With the help of pro-life donors like you, we can support these families and empower them to choose life by offering free pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, parenting classes, and practical physical support like diapers and baby clothes. 

The Wirt Golf Marathon

How does a golf marathon fundraiser work?

Instead of an entry fee to play in the golf marathon, each golfer has a fundraising minimum of $1,500. Since the goal is for the golfer to play 100 holes or more, some donors pledge to give a specific dollar amount for each hole played, to encourage the golfer to play as many as possible. Our current record for most holes played is 222! If a donor pledges per hole, they will receive an invoice after the golf marathon, letting them know how many holes their golfer played so that they can make their contribution. Other donors donate a flat rate, and can make their donation at any time before or after the marathon. All of the donations should be collected by the end of November. All donations are tax deductible and go towards continuing the ministry of the Center for Pregnancy.

Where does the money go?

Amount to raise

Why that specific amount

Exactly what you need and where the donated money will be used

How exactly can you donate?

This is the only golf marathon in the area

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