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What We Are Doing During Quarantine

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Social-distancing has presented some interesting challenges over the past month and a half! As with many others, we have been working to find creative ways to continue serving our community. At the Center for Pregnancy, we are continuing to help our clients and connect with you while also limiting exposure and staying safe. One way we have been able to do this is to offer our parenting classes online.

You are probably familiar with the parenting classes we offer. You might even be participating in the classes! While enrolled in our parenting classes, you can come in once a week during pregnancy, and after the baby is born, once every other week (twice a month) until their first birthday. Our parenting program consists of a personalized video curriculum. As you watch the videos in our parenting class program, you earn “baby bucks” which you redeem to get diapers, wipes, and other essential baby items. To limit contact because of the current Covid-19 situation, we are not offering in-person classes right now.

But that does not mean our parenting classes have stopped! We are still passionate about helping you to grow as a parent and earn the items you need for your baby. Until we can welcome you back into our facility, our parenting classes are online. We will send you a personalized link via text or email which will allow you to access the video. Just like our in-person classes, you will be able to watch a video once a week when you are pregnant and twice a month after you have had your baby until they are a year old. Once you have finished watching the video, we will put the baby bucks which you earned in your file. If you need diapers and wipes, you will still use the baby bucks to receive them. We are offering curbside pick-up so you can receive the items you need. We are currently open limited hours on Monday and Tuesday only, but we are available by text any weekday! Text us at 281-947-2925 to arrange a curbside pick-up, or to start receiving the parenting video links.

Like everyone else, we are looking forward to the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Until that time, we will continue to find ways to help you, our clients, and the rest of our community. It is our hope and prayer that at the end of all of this we will all value one another even more than we did before!

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