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What Can I Expect on My First Visit?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

For some people, going to a new place is a fun and exciting experience. For others, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking. If you scheduled an appointment for a pregnancy test because you think you might be pregnant, that adds another layer of stress to the concern that comes with visiting a new place. When you come to the Center for Pregnancy for the first time, it is important to us here that you feel as safe and as comfortable as possible. To help answer any questions you might have, here is some information about what you can expect on your first visit.

When you come in for a pregnancy test, you will be greeted by one of our client advocates. They will give you a clipboard with some paperwork for you to read through and fill out. Because the Center for Pregnancy is not a medical clinic, you do not have to worry about having insurance or about having your credit card ready. If you have a photo ID, we do ask that you bring it for us to make a copy of. If you do not have an ID, that is fine. We will take a picture of you to keep on file here at the Center. Your privacy is important to us, and having a copy of your ID or your picture helps us to protect it.

Once you have turned in the paperwork you filled out, you will be seen by one of our client advocates. For your privacy, they will take you back for your pregnancy test by yourself. They will talk to you about your situation, the symptoms you have been having, and discuss the best option for you during your pregnancy. While it is good and important to talk to the people you love about your pregnancy, it is just as important that you know the decisions you face during your pregnancy are for you to make. The Center for Pregnancy provides a safe and comfortable environment as well as an objective listener for you to talk to and help you think through your situation and your options.

It is important that your client advocate here at the Center for Pregnancy gets to know you. It would be hard for them to know how to help you if they do not know anything about you. Answering questions about your background can seem intimidating, but we want you to know that these questions are asked because we want to help you. The services offered at the Center are completely confidential, so you do not have to worry about your client advocate repeating information you do not want shared.

After you have finished your initial consultation, it will be time to take your pregnancy test. The test will be a urine test that you will administer yourself with the help of your client advocate. If your test is negative and you still think you might be pregnant, you can schedule a retest for a later date. You will also be given a list of places in the area that provide low cost blood tests. If your test is positive, the first day of your last menstrual period will be used to estimate your due date and how far along you are.

Before you leave, your client advocate will give you information about the stage of pregnancy you are in and about the options you have regarding your pregnancy. They will also give you referrals to healthcare providers, Medicaid, low-cost clinics, adoption agencies, places offering ultrasounds, and a number of other things that might be helpful to you at this stage of your life. You will also be given information about the parenting classes offered by Center for Pregnancy.

It is our goal to provide a safe and welcoming environment so you will be able to voice any concerns you might have about your pregnancy. We also want to give you information and resources to help you during this time of life. If you would like to book a pregnancy test appointment with us, you can do that on our booking page here.

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