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Volunteer Opportunities

Has God called you to get more involved? Below are descriptions of areas where you can serve. If you are interested in learning more, or are ready to schedule a time to pick up a volunteer application, call us at 281-482-5683. You can also email Jonelle at We look forward to hearing from you!

Psychology Patient

Client Advocate

Client advocates work directly with clients; assisting them during pregnancy tests and parenting class appointments. Client advocates provide a listening ear and support to empower women to make life-affirming pregnancy decisions. Client advocates are an example of Christ’s love to women and their families as they walk through challenging pregnancy circumstances.


Time commitment: 2 - 4 hours a week. Yearly training.  

Fatherhood Advocate

Fatherhood advocates work directly with male clients who come in during their partner's pregnancy test or parenting class appointments. Fatherhood advocates provide support to young men navigating their significant other's pregnancy, and assist them through parenting education classes while modeling Christ's leadership and strength.

Time commitment: 2 - 4 hours a week. Yearly training.  

Supportive Friend

Board Member

Business Conference

Members of the Board of Directors provide direction and leadership to the Center by establishing policies and procedures and hiring and overseeing the Executive Director.  Board members engage in long range planning to ensure the Center’s overall success, and establish fiscal policy, providing adequate resources for the Center through direct contribution and fundraising. 

Time commitment: Board members commit to a five year term, with quarterly board meetings, yearly fundraising support, and availability for other input as needed during the month. 

Church Liaisons

Church Liaisons maintain a relationship between their home church and/or small group by keeping them updated on the Center’s ministry and informed of any spiritual, material, or financial needs that arise at the Center. Liaisons help to coordinate church-wide fundraising events and inform the church of supporter events taking place. 

Time commitment: Monthly check-ins with Center for Pregnancy contact. Assistance with yearly fundraisers.

Smiling Portrait
Painting Wall

Facility Coordinator

The Facility Coordinator oversees and assists with building and equipment maintenance and schedules preventative maintenance tasks, such as replacing light fixtures or smoke detectors. Additionally, the Facility Coordinator assists in maintenance emergencies, and helps with larger project like painting and flooring. 

Time commitment: Monthly check-ins with Center, and on-call as needed. 

Graphic Design Volunteer

The Graphic Design Volunteer would be available on an as-needed basis as a consultant in developing printed and online materials for the Center’s marketing and educational needs.

Time commitment: 5 hours per month, and on-call as needed. 

Graphic Designer Working
Cleaning Materials


There is always a need for individuals or groups to come in and clean the Center or organize donations! If you have a few free hours each month, or even every other month, you can schedule a time to come deep clean and/or organize the Center. This is also a great service project for high-school or college groups!

Time commitment: 2 hours per month, or as needed.

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