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Fundraising Ideas

Start with Prayer
“Prayer is not preparation for the work, prayer is the work.” – this quote is a wonderful reminder of the importance of prayer. Ask the Lord to lead you to individuals who are prepared to join with Him in the work He is doing through the Center. Acts 20:35 reminds us that “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” If you feel hesitant about asking someone for a donation remember that you could be robbing them of the blessing of giving!

Utilize Social Media
Never underestimate the power of the internet! Make a general post about your participation in the golf marathon with a link to the Center’s golf website and information, and let your friends know why you are playing in the marathon. Personally message those who may be interested in golfing or donating to help support mothers in our community. The Center will provide posts for you to use to spread the word about your marathon experience.

Ask your church family 
Golfers have had great success by asking their church’s congregation, small group, Bible study, or Sunday School class for pledges and donations. Ask your pastor, small group leader, or teacher if you can say a few words about the golf marathon, and then have a sign up sheet for donations as people leave.


Mix it up!
Don’t always just ask for a flat donation or a “per hole gift,” why not ask for different “tiers” of giving based on how many holes you golf? For example – suggest a flat rate of $1 for the first 100 hole, then $5 for every hole after that. You can ask for a special donation for any birdies, eagles, or a hole-in-one. One golfer shared the following about his success in raising support in creative ways – “It made it more fun for my supporters knowing that some were egging me on to play more holes, and some were egging me on to play better golf.”

Community Sponsors

Many businesses will match their employees’ giving, or will donate to support a non-profit. Check with your office or other local businesses to give them the opportunity to help you meet the fundraising goal.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at the Center at 281-482-5683, or email

Thank you for your interest in the golf marathon! We are so blessed to have wonderful golfers involved to make our marathon a success!

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